Warped Barbies

A series of photos taken by Mariel Clayton.  “– Hmm… this whole ‘Geeky is the New Sexy’ thing is making me feel extremely inadequate. Can someone please let me know if the time ever comes when Homicidal and/or Warped are the ‘New Sexy’.. because I think I may actually have a shot at that one.”

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All Gold Errythanng

I love gold necklaces and when people stack a couple i think it looks so good. I just bought a 3 choker set of gold necklaces and im obsessed. Gold is such a flattering color especially during the summer it just looks so goddess-like. I wasn’t sure if I liked the chokers but the second […]

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It’s out bitches! I think my favorite song (hard to pick) is probably ELEMENT. LeBron James posted himself listening to this song before the album was released & I loved it the second I heard it on that video. “If I gotta slap a pussy ass bitch, imma make it look sexy. If I gotta […]

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Rainbow Yachty

Lil Yachty posted these pics on instagram from his music video for peek-a-boo & I just had to share. His famous rainbow smile & red braids are what your eyes are automatically drawn to. And of course he has to have some pretty lil thangs surrounding him in the first pic. “peek-a-boo”

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Ohh Naomi

These photos on Naomi Campbell were done by David Lachapelle and they are so cool. The female body deserves to be respected versus thought of as “slutty” when shown. Naomi is a queen and her confidence is inspirational. It is so hard as a woman to post anything of them naked they are opening themselves […]

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I love this song & never heard of this artist until he released this song and I fell in love! His voice is so pure. My favorite lyric is when he says “And i been counting down the days, because I know we gotta die soon, that just means I get to fly soon” 

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