Confidently Lost// Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina is an artist who came from Miami Florida and damn her voice is so beautiful. I love this song because I feel for it so much. I love being confidently lost trying to find my way. A lot of people especially the teenagers and young adults can probably relate. Life can get down sometimes but it’s okay to be alone. 

All Gold Errythanng

I love gold necklaces and when people stack a couple i think it looks so good. I just bought a 3 choker set of gold necklaces and im obsessed. Gold is such a flattering color especially during the summer it just looks so goddess-like. I wasn’t sure if I liked the chokers but the second I put them on I want them with every outfit. 


It’s out bitches! I think my favorite song (hard to pick) is probably ELEMENT. LeBron James posted himself listening to this song before the album was released & I loved it the second I heard it on that video. “If I gotta slap a pussy ass bitch, imma make it look sexy. If I gotta go hard on a bitch imma make it look sexy.” 

Ohh Naomi

These photos on Naomi Campbell were done by David Lachapelle and they are so cool. The female body deserves to be respected versus thought of as “slutty” when shown. Naomi is a queen and her confidence is inspirational. It is so hard as a woman to post anything of them naked they are opening themselves up for judgement and hate but it takes a strong woman to do what she wants. It is not easy to be okay with your body and others seeing it. I appreciate & love Naomi for making her body into art itself.