It’s out bitches! I think my favorite song (hard to pick) is probably ELEMENT. LeBron James posted himself listening to this song before the album was released & I loved it the second I heard it on that video. “If I gotta slap a pussy ass bitch, imma make it look sexy. If I gotta go hard on a bitch imma make it look sexy.” 

Playboi Carti Mixtape Babyy

Yo he’s dropping a mixtape tonight (April 13 2017) & its going to be fucking sick. Carti’s so hype his music is just super fun & he’s got the cutest puppy so I love him!! & of course he’s got to feature some Uzi & A$AP. I LOVE me some A$AP.

the tracklist is

1. Location

2. Magnolia

3. Lookin Feat Lil Uzi Vert

4. Wokeuplikethis* Feat Lil Uzi Vert

5. Let It Go

6. Half & Half

7. New Choppa Feat A$AP Rocky

8. Other Shit

9. No. 9

10. Dothatshit!

11. Lame Niggaz

12. Yah Mean

13. Flex Feat Leven Kali

14. Kelly K

15. Had 2

Kendrick Lamar

this album is about to fuck some shit up. Kendrick’s music is always more than just music it’s his voice. He always raps about more than just fucking bitches, getting money, he raps about real ass shit. I hope this album is the same! April 14th it will be out! …one more day.

the tracklist is

1. Blood

2. DNA

3. Yah

4. Element

5. Feel

6. Loyalty Feat. Rihanna

7. Pride

8. Humble (already released & fucking flameees)

9. Lust

10. Love

11. xxx Feat. U2

12. Fear

13. God

14. Duckworth