Deeez Nuuuts?

Fun fact!! deeez nuuuts is actually a song by dr. dre. This shit was original in 1992 & we tried to take it & pretend it was new on vine. RIP vine. 

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Tyler & A$AP performig at Coachella 2017. I fucking wish I could see them live i’d DIE. Coachella 2018 is calling my name. 

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This music video’s a fuckin trip. I love it. I loved this song so I was super excited for the music video to come out and it definitely matched with how good the song is. Hell yea, watch it!

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Warped Barbies

A series of photos taken by Mariel Clayton.  “– Hmm… this whole ‘Geeky is the New Sexy’ thing is making me feel extremely inadequate. Can someone please let me know if the time ever comes when Homicidal and/or Warped are the ‘New Sexy’.. because I think I may actually have a shot at that one.”

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Rainbow Yachty

Lil Yachty posted these pics on instagram from his music video for peek-a-boo & I just had to share. His famous rainbow smile & red braids are what your eyes are automatically drawn to. And of course he has to have some pretty lil thangs surrounding him in the first pic. “peek-a-boo”

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