Lets Talk Tattoos & Piercings

Personally I love them. I want to get some tattoos and I have almost all the piercings I want. Im so happy to have a high tolerance and my birthday (May 14) is coming up and im totally getting tatted! Tattoos are getting more and more “normal” and a lot of work places have become more okay with them. I think its a beautiful way to share art and stories.

All Gold Errythanng

I love gold necklaces and when people stack a couple i think it looks so good. I just bought a 3 choker set of gold necklaces and im obsessed. Gold is such a flattering color especially during the summer it just looks so goddess-like. I wasn’t sure if I liked the chokers but the second I put them on I want them with every outfit. 

Lets Talk Fishnets!

Alright lets talk about this trend really quick. I love the way it looks its such a cute addition/accessory to a simple outfit. Some fishnets under boyfriend jeans & a tank top with some hoops & god necklaces! CUTE! BUT I personally feel people staring at me when i where something like that. SCREW IT THOUGH. It’s sexy as fuck. I love this trend.

A$AP Rocky // GUESS

I love this collection, A$AP Rocky is so creative and his style is seriously so fucking good. these girls are beautiful these pics are beautiful A$AP is beautiful 


a look in his closet!! these pics are so dope asap ferg is so dope he’s got so many custom shoes & jackets & his knickknacks are so cute

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