The Beginning


Hi 🙂 im Hunter im 17 and live in California. Im not your average girl…I never knew a lot of girls that were into the same things as me and  wanted to create a blog to help other girls that feel the same way have somewhere to go. I want to meet and befriend anyone who has the same tastes as me. This blog will have new music posted as often as i can, mostly rap, hip-hop, pop, and r&b, and cool pictures, articles, health and fashion tips. I will have stories about things I have gone through and how I wish I would have reacted versus how I did. I want to be the friend everybody needs with advice and nothing but love to share! This blog is for my bad bitches who wear what they want, post what they want, and do what they want. I want stronger women who love one another versus compete against each other. Lets rack up the bad bitches and run this shit together!! I hope you enjoy my blog and if you do share it with your friends. Until next time..

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