Deeez Nuuuts?

Fun fact!! deeez nuuuts is actually a song by dr. dre. This shit was original in 1992 & we tried to take it & pretend it was new on vine. RIP vine. 

Lets Talk Tattoos & Piercings

Personally I love them. I want to get some tattoos and I have almost all the piercings I want. Im so happy to have a high tolerance and my birthday (May 14) is coming up and im totally getting tatted! Tattoos are getting more and more “normal” and a lot of work places have become more okay with them. I think its a beautiful way to share art and stories.


Tyler & A$AP performig at Coachella 2017. I fucking wish I could see them live i’d DIE. Coachella 2018 is calling my name. 

24HR Strip Club// 24hrs 

New release from 24hrs!! This song also features Juicy J & I love it. Honestly Juicy J isn’t an artist I find myself listening to but every song he’s featured in or puts out ends up being good! 

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