bandana belt

cute lil loook ion kno i wrapped the bandana around as a belt n thought this shit was hella cute. i likee bandanas i j dont always kno the best way to where them. this was a cute lil touch i think!

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fuck all dem niggas we gon fuck up this cash, hopped out my feelins & i hopped in my bag, hopped in a foreign bitch u hopped in a cab still livin witcho mama. click here to listen


OoooooOoOkay CARDII 

she goes hard in this “my head game move hills like im lookin for the sunshine!!!” & dis “ion fuck w clowns any nigga w me issa fuckin hound any bitch w me they fuckin down” i love when bitches be rappin about money & shit. female music artists tend to write more about feelings […]

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ily weezy <3

ever since i was a youngin lil wayne was big mood. and he still is. whenever im feelin down i j remember all i need is money && my own hard work lessgetit hungrygirls !! getcho $$ dont worry bout these niggas baby!!! click here to listen to my anthem

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necessary bitchh! I love the Pat McGrath lipgloss I got this set its a nice nude liquid lipstick and champagne pink lipgloss. perfect combo for any day. click here to buy it!

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mimosa collective efforts

$55 eighth that muuhfuckin TOPSHEELFFF. ion wanna smoke it unless that ash is WHITE my nigga. no seeds no nothin. I drop money on weed cuz I’m literally lighting this shit and putting it into my lungs. its not abouuttta be some boof. feel me?!

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why woods ?

I love them. rolling them well is actually impressive in comparison to like blunts & shit. tastes smooth lmao papers are gross they taste like fuckin paper. if your gonna smoke something it might as well j be a wood. not some bullshit ass swisher. pls don’t EVER pull up w a swisher.

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Skunk Feather Cartridge

Soooooo good. tastes so bomb I got the strawberry banana Kush one and it hits nice. Kush always tends to hit me pretty heavy its a pretty heady slow high which is dope. and the cartridge actually hits pretty hard too on my Americanna battery.

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Going Hard!

so for 2018 my website is going to become a huge priority I will be posting everything under the motherfuckin sun. everything I’m into, listening to, wearing, doing, and even feeling. this is bouta get good. I’m excited because I got a lotta knowledge to throw on u bitches to boss u up real quick. […]

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